Who We Are

Since its establishment in June 2005 Senarath Engineering (Pvt) Ltd has actively participated in the Construction Industry. From its beginning as a major supplier of aggregate products, they have diversified to become one of the leading Civil Engineering Contractors in Sri Lanka. They also have plants and machinery to produce Asphalt Concrete, Precast and Cement products to cater for ever growing Construction Industry in Sri Lanka.

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What We Do

Highways and Road Construction C1

Building Construction C4

Bridge Construction C7

Water Supply and Drainage C7

Irrigation and land Drainage C7

Our Vision

To be an Outstanding Sri Lankan Business Enterprise in the Construction industry.

Our Mission

To meet challenges in a Competitive environment through quality, advanced Technology and human resource development to achieve sustainable growth and contribute to the development of our Mother land.

Core Values

We believe in 5Es


Attractive and design well


Famous and respected


Honest and having strong moral principles


The amount that we produced


The ability to think of new ways