Senarath Home & Investment (PVT) LTD

SENARATH Group of Companies has classified its operations based on the area of focus and trading activities into FOUR key subsidiaries that operates under the main Group of Companies.

The classification into subsidiaries help assist in the day to day operations of SENARATH Group of Companies in providing the optimal service and workmanship to its esteems clients’ utmost satisfaction.

Senarath Home & Investment (PVT) LTD

House Constructions, Trading & Financing

The Land(s) acquired and developed for viable commercial or individual property development are financed by the subsidiary SENARATH Homes & Investment (Pvt) Ltd to ease the financial burden of the property acquirer (buyer).

The Financial services provided are on the commercial term of a Financial / Investment trading in Sri Lanka. The advantage is the convenience and the easing off the burden of walking in and out of major Financial Institution, the stringent scrutiny along with the waiting time and hassle.