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The company manufactures, designs and supplies Ready Mix Concrete complying with specific customer needs, from the two modern computer controlled Batching Plants with a combine capacity of 10,000 cubic meters per month. The Plants are located in Mahagala Kanda Complex in Pannala and Dortiyawa complex in Kurunegala.

We have well equipped comprehensive Laboratory testing facilities which is operated by a team of professionally qualified and experienced Materials Engineers and Concrete Technologists. Therefore Senarath Ready Mix Plants are able to supply high performance durable concrete for all applications and requirements.

Logistics of Ready Mix Concrete delivery is managed by efficient utilization of its large fleet of Transit Mixer Trucks as well as Mobile Concrete Pumps.

Mahagalakanda, Balawala, Bopitiya

Doratiyawa, Kurunegala


Asphalt concrete is a composite commonly used in the construction of Roads, Highways, Airport runaways and Car Parks.

As the demand for Asphalt concrete increased rapidly due to accelerated infrastructure – Roads and Highways – developments in the Island Senarath group has installed two computerized Asphalt Batching Plants in the Kurunegala District in our own Mining / Crusher Plant Complexes with the advantage of using unique/ quality aggregates exclusively from our Crusher plants.

1. Mahagakanda, Bopitiya, Pannala with a capacity of 80 metric tons /hour – TTM Plant

2. Doratiyawa, Kurunegala with a capacity of 120 metric tons/hour - TTM Plant

The average production capacity of these Plants is 30,000 metric tons per month and the Asphalt grades/ verities we produce are

1. Binder course - Type I ,II,III

2. Wearing course - Type I,II,III

3. Cut Back

We mainly cater for our internal requirements of the sister companies – Senarath Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. and Senarath Constructions (Pvt.) Ltd. But we also supply to the other Contractors who are engaged in Road and Highway construction Projects.

Mahagalakanda, Balawala, Bopitiya (80T/hr)

Doratiyawa, Kurunegala (120 T/hr)


Senarath Group has established “A ” Grade Licensed Mining Operations in Mahagala Kanda, Pannala and Doratiyawa, Kurunegala, in the North Western Province spread over an area of 150 acres of land.

We produce a wide range of aggregates required for the Construction industry including ABC, 37-5 mm, 19mm, 12.5 mm, 10mm, Dust and M- Sand our total production capacity is over 15,000 Cubes per month.

The Mining operation is done by using Modern equipment including Jaw, Cone and VSI Crushing Plants, Excavators, Wheel Loaders ,Compressors and Dump Trucks. We produce optimum quality of Aggregates by frequently checking their properties in our well equipped laboratories.

Senarath Group has been the Leading Aggregates Supplier in the North Western Province since its inception in 1990. We mainly cater internal requirements of our sister companies – Senarath Asphalt Concrete, Senarath Ready Mix Concrete and for Senarath engineering and Senarath constructions.

Mahagalakanda, Balawala, Bopitiya
(Quarry A grade)

  Jaw Crushers

  PE 750X1060 - 2NOS

  PE 500X750 - 3NOS

  Cone Crushers

  PYFB 0917 - 2NOS

  PYB 900 - 2NOS

  Vertical Shaft Impactor

  (VSI) - 1NOS

Doratiyawa, Kurunagala
(Quarry B grade)

  Jaw Crushers

  PE 750X1060 - 2NOS

  PE 500X750 - 3NOS

  Cone Crushers

  PYFB 0917 - 2NOS

  PYB 900 - 2NOS

  Vertical Shaft Impactor

  (VSI) - 1NOS


We produce pre – stressed and reinforced concrete pre- cast components such as Carbs, “ U “ drains, Cover Slabs, Hume pipes in our Pre- cast concrete Yards located in Pannala, Mahagalakanda and Doratiyawa, Kurunegala.

The Block making Plant installed at Pannala is producing Solid Cement Blocks, Hollow Cement Blocks, Different types of Paving Blocks (Interlocks) etc. required for the Construction Industry as well as for Customers.


Senarath Property & Land Developers Pvt Ltd.

Land Trading & Developing for both commercial and domestic purposes. Under Property & Land Developers, the key focus is to acquire bare land to develop the land with proper water, electricity and sewerage system and trade back toe property market for the construction of commercial or domestic building to be constructed.

In addition to this, the company does construct the building(s) as desired by the potential buyer as a renowned, value-added Property Developer.
These properties are designed and constructed to fit in with any modern structure with all modern fixtures and fitting.

Senarath Homes & Investments Pvt Ltd.

The Land(s) acquired and developed for viable commercial or individual property development are financed by the subsidiary Senarath Homes & Investment (Pvt) Ltd to ease the financial burden of the property acquirer (buyer).

The Financial services provided are on the commercial term of a Financial / Investment trading in Sri Lanka. The advantage is the convenience and the easing off the burden of walking in and out of major Financial Institution, the stringent scrutiny along with the waiting time and hassle.

Project Ongoing & Completed

# Project Name Pradeshiya Saba Districts Total Blocks Sold Available
01 New Town Pannala Pannala Kurunegala 78 78
02 Sencity Park - Benawaththa Pannala Kurunegala 23 22 1
03 Dangolla Land Pannala Kurunegala 6 6
04 Weralugama Land Pannala Kurunegala 12 12
05 Harithuyana Dambadeniya Kurunegala 59 57 2
06 Kadawalagedara Land Kuliyapitiya Kurunegala 7 6 1
07 Maholawa Land Pannala Kurunegala 7 7
08 Greencity I Hettipola Kurunegala 39 34 5
09 Greencity II Hettipola Kurunegala 13 13
10 City Reach Kawudawaththa Kurunegala 17 15 2
11 Crown City Rathkarawwa Kurunegala 19 9 10

Projects to be started

01 Rathkarawwa Land Rathkarawwa Kurunegala N/A N/A N/A
02 Barampola Land Hettipola Kurunegala N/A N/A N/A
03 Galayaya Land Pannala Kurunegala N/A N/A N/A

Road Constructions

Senarath Group has an exceptional credentials of Highway & Road construction projects and as a result of that we have established ourselves as a leading Road construction contractor in Sri Lanka with a grade C-1 certification from CIDA (ICTAD).

Since its establishment in June 2005 Senarath Engineering (Pvt) Ltd has actively participated in the Construction Industry. From its beginning as a major supplier of aggregate products, they have diversified to become one of the leading Civil Engineering Contractors in Sri Lanka. They also Have metal quarries, crusher plants, readymix concret plants, Asphalt concret plants and precast plants (cement blocks & interlog) in both pannala and doratiyawa (kurunegala) and Cement products to cater for ever growing Construction Industry in Sri Lanka.

We accomplish our comprehensive prime contractor experience since we have been involved many projects, range from rural routes in environmentally sensitive landscapes to Large-scale of suburban highways.

As well as Senarath Engineering (A subsidiary company of Senarath Group) has been cohered.

  Construction and maintenance works of Highways, Trunk roads, Arterial roads and Elevated roads

  Widening, Rehabilitation, Up-gradation, Resurfacing Works

  Construction of underpass & overpass structures, retaining walls, other related structures

  Installation of guard rails, road furniture

  Design and construction of drainage structures such as culverts, lined roadside drains and lead way drains etc.

We believe these wide spectrum of projects have significantly contributed directly to the national infrastructure network and country’s development by enhancing the connectivity of people.

All the construction projects are designed and constructed using industry leading techniques to meet with new demands.

The success of our projects comes from our over 25 years of track record of experience and specialized expertise in areas including well planning, maintaining utilizing latest in-house machinery, technology and qualified staff in order to fulfill the client’s requirement.

Our main clients are the Road Development Authority (RDA), Provincial Road Development Authority (PRDA) & Provincial Road Development Department (PRDD) etc.

We take a sophisticated approach in road construction and maintenance. We ensure all standards are adhered to during the project and the final output is exactly as was expected initially. Through this we hope to construct long-lasting roads and highways which will be in good condition for generations to use.

Machinery Hiring

Machinery Hiring