Safety Policy

Safety Policy Statement

This policy will apply to Senarath Engineering (Pvt) Ltd at all locations.

  1. Management of health and safety falls within the social category of sustainable development and is of equal importance to the economic success of the business and protection of the environment.
  2. Our aim is to provide safe working environments and hence to prevent injury and ill health to our employees and all other stakeholders: clients, professionals, subcontractors, members of the public and anyone else affected by our activities, projects or services.
  3. We require all directors and managers to demonstrate leadership in health and safety matters in order to develop and maintain a positive health and safety culture.
  4. We will comply fully with all relevant health and safety regulations and codes of practice.
  5. We will implement and maintain a Health and Safety System to help deliver these policy commitments.
  6. We will provide the necessary resources in personnel, finance and time in order to implement and maintain the Health and Safety System.
  7. We will set Health and Safety Objectives annually, which reflect our commitment to continual improvement in health and safety performance and the Health and Safety System.
  8. We recognize that we need the support of all our employees in order to achieve our Health and Safety Objectives.
  9. We will provide relevant health and safety information, training and instruction for our employees.
  10. We will consult with our employees on health and safety matters.